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July 25, 2009

Walking with You~Naming Our Babies

This was last weeks topic for Sufficient Grace Ministries' "Walking with You," but I missed out, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to tackle this weeks question on grief.

Matthew Alexander Harden

I had a tough time naming Matthew. My hubby and I take turns naming the kids, so it was up to me this time around. I knew he needed a special meaning behind his name, which is why I chose Matthew for his first name, which means "Gift from God."

His middle name is what I struggled with the most. I even went through the 10,000 name baby book from front to back (the boys section, that is) and only came out with a list of about 5 middle names. I chose Alexander because I loved how it sounded with the rest of his name, and the meaning suited him as well. Alexander means "Man's defender, warrior." Though he didn't survive long after he was born, he will always be a warrior in my mind. He made it through the pregnancy while in the 1 percentile for amniotic fluid. I worried SO much during the pregnancy that with such little fluid his supply from the placenta would get cut off if he sat on his cord, but my little warrior made it.


Chelsea said...

I love this opportunity to walk with other mothers like me...thank you for your story!

Kelly said...

Hello sweet mommy ~

How are you doing? How have you been feeling about things? I have had my ups and downs thats for sure. I find myself missing our little Liberty a lot right now - for many reasons - I am pregnant with yet another baby sister that she won't meet here on earth and simply because Oct. is approaching which will mark 2 years since she passed away. I think of you and precious little Matthew often! By the way - I love the name you chose for your beloved son. If we were having a boy this time around his middle name was going to be Matthew for the same reason you chose that name :) I pray that you and your sweet family are doing well and feeling Gods sweet grace every single day!! God bless you!

carebear said...

Well, you know I was partial to Matthew myself for that very reason. :) But I love the name Alexander too! Though I've never "met" him...I miss him. I hope you are doing as well as possible.
FYI - I'm going to my first Arbonne party this weekend...if I can keep Matthew out of the hospital. He's having blood pressure issues. sigh. Oh well, hugs!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am new to your blog but was so touched by your story....I want to come back soon and read more...