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April 2, 2009

Need Easter Ideas

I am looking for some ideas if any of you have anything to contribute.

First idea needed: Looking for a creative way of teaching the kids about the meaning of Easter. I checked out a book from the library with some beautiful pictures, but there are a lot of words and I'm not sure they will be able to sit still and take it all in.

Second idea needed: We will be going back to visit Matthew for Easter and I would like to bring him something. I'm looking for a craft that the kids can do with some assistance, Easter related. Like a cross or an angel. It needs to be pretty weather resistant.

I'll do some searching online also, but I thought you readers may have something you have done that has worked well.



boltefamily said...

We have a set of resurrection eggs. I think that is what they are called...they are plastic eggs with little things inside to use to teach about each of the aspects of Easter. Our kids are young but still love them!

Donielle said...

Yes, I too was going to suggest the resurrection eggs. Awesome idea, and my kids really liked those. I think this will be a sweet idea for Matthew's grave: A couple years ago I went to like Walmart or Michaels and bought wood crosses for like $2 each. Then they had some sort of glittery paint, almost like there was glitter and sand in it. I let the kids paint their own crosses with all the different colors that I bought. For outdoors, you could probably put some sort of sealer on it. You can get the best ideas by just walking through the craft section. Btw, I think Abbie's cast is too cute, very girly!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of a wooden cross that the kids can paint together. This would be weather resistent and would probably stay there for a long time.

samantha said...

hey Jen
I was thinking you could maybe take the kids down to fire it up in downtown melbourne and paint a clay cross or something to do with easter. That was the kids can do something fun and I think it would be ok to leave outside. just a thought. you guys are still in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

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