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April 11, 2009

Pics from our Fun-Filled Easter Day!

Here are some pictures from our day today. I took the kids to an easter egg hunt this morning where they got to do crafts, visit with the Easter Bunny (Raleigh would have no part in that one!) and hold some baby chicks. Lots of excitement! I took them down to the river as well.

Then we went to another egg-stravaganza with pony rides and games. That one really wore me out, especially being out in the heat. Tomorrow's plan is to go to Sea World in Orlando for sunrise service. We will be in the Bayside Stadium by 6 Am. It's only an hour away, but we will still have to leave by 5 am. Yikes! It's hosted by a local Christian radio station, and will have band Big Daddy Weave, and guest speaker Blair from the Facts of Life. (Anyone remember her? I think it was before my time.)We are anticipating getting tickets to go to the park afterwards, but I am hoping it won't be too busy! I will be sure to post some pics after I recover from the trip!

I am really looking forward to being outside to watch God's beautiful sunrise as we praise Him for sacrificing His Son! He has done wonderful things in our lives and He loves us with such an amazing, everlasting love! We praise you and lift up your name, Lord!!!!


Kelly said...

WOW! Can't wait to hear all about this and see the wonderful pictures! It sounds like a perfect way to worship our amazing Father and His beloved Son!! Praying for you daily..hoping you are doing well. Hugs and Love,

ps - the pics of the kiddos are SOOO precious!

Anonymous said...

Guess it wasn't a coon after all!! The good thing about it being an opposum is that they are nomads and don't hang around very long. Coons stay where they are raised. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

6adams said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter. I love Lisa Whelchel ~ I have a devotional written by her, "The Busy Mom's Guide to Wisdom". I bet you all had an awesome time!!

I look forward to visiting with your mom this coming weekend! Perhaps one day my family can get down there ~ trip to Florida sounds good to me : )

God bless you all!

Donielle said...

I remember Blair! I use to love the Facts of Life! I bet that service was so beautiful. I hear your mom might come up this way! I can't wait. It would be awesome if you guys could come too!!

Laura said...

Thinking of you...


Dad said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and a busy week. How was Sea World? When I read your post about the noise outside and something outside you could not see, all I could think about was an alligator. I am glad you did capture your little friend. Take care and have a great week.