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February 14, 2009

Oh The Pain!

Two days later we were back at the perinatologist's office. In order to be eligible for surgery, the baby had to have a normal karyotype (spelling?) to rule out Downs Syndrome and other similar problems, be atleast 16 weeks gestation (right there at this point), and have electrolyte levels within a certain range to show good kidney function.
He inserted a large needle through my belly and into the baby's bladder. He withdrew 7 syringes full of urine (what a relief to baby!)and also took some amniotic fluid to test for Downs. It would take atleast a few days to get the results back. If they were good, we would be scheduled to go to Tampa to see the fetal surgeon.
Josh drove us home and I was miserable to say the least! Horrible cramping, dehydration, nausea....extra strenth Tylenol, and bed rest.

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