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February 14, 2009

Results and MORE Taps

So the results for the bladder tap came back on the high side. The amniocentesis was perfect, so we passed that requirement. To get the most accurate results, bladder taps will be performed 2-3 times for the freshest urine. I was very concerned that the results would not get better, but one of the nurses eased my mind by telling me that he first tap is stale urine which can raise the electrolyte levels.
We scheduled a second tap, which Josh was not able to be there for. Timing was not good, because Josh had to go to training three hours away for a month. I was very lucky to have my parents around for support at this time.
The following week, the doctor called to tell me that the results were even worse this time. I started crying. I asked for one more chance, not having much hope. The Dr. explained that this was the last one he would do, and that he did not expect results to improve.
The last bladder tap was the longest and most painful one yet. He had to insert the needle in several (5 I think) different places because the angle was bad. The results came back the following week higher than ever.

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