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February 15, 2009


Now that I have caught everyone up on the details, it is 1 PM on Sunday, February 15th. Just some notes:
-Abbie and Raleigh are aware that baby Matthew will go to Heaven after he is born. Abbie seems to understand, but to Raleigh they really just seem to be words.
-We went to the Build a Bear factory and made a Baby Matthew. Abbie and Raleigh went with me to my last ultrasound where we recorded Matthews' heartbeat and saved it inside of the bear so that we can hear him when we give the bear a squeeze.
-We have decided to deliver at Holmes hopital here in town. It will be much easier to coordinate care for the children if we are in town. We will not be attmepting to resuscitate Matthew by any artificial means after he is born, so the NICU will not be necessary, unless of course God perfoms a miracle and his status turns significantly.
-We have picked out an area at Florida Memorial Gardens in Rockledge where we will have him buried.
-Still no middle name-struggling with that one.
-Tomorrow is my appointment with my regular OB who will be delivering Matthew. Hopefully we will get some details about delivery covered. I am now about 31 weeks and clueless about the big day.

On the bright side, my Dad has Abbie and Raleigh at the lake near our house on their first fishing expedition with him. It is starting to rain, so hopefully it is short lived and doesn't cut their day short because they have been so excited about catching a big fish!

I will continue to update the blog as often as new information arises, or I just feel the need the get something out.

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